“Stunning vocals and flawless production…strong songs with a radio ready flair and a compelling sonic vibe.”
– Floorshime Zipper Boots

“One of the most creative and unique names in Seattle music. Their music has that sort of transcendental charm, you might just walk away enlightened. “
– Northwest Music Scene

“…a voice like warm honey.”
– MixedBag

“While the lead vocals are rich and full and spirited, the music is welcoming, almost like a music box twinkling on a shelf in a country house.”
– The Monarch Review

“Like a sunbeam or starlight, it’s both enchanting and always just outside your reach.”
– theautumnroses

“I haven’t been taken unawares by bass like that since James Blake’s cover of Limit To Your Love.”
– ilictronix

“And to be completely honest it’s bloody marvelous.”
– bearlyrambling